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mahabharata fan fiction/art

The second challenge:

It is really abominable that the great indian epic Mahabharata- one of the most loved, revered and major source of literary inspiration for people all around the world- doesn't have a single fan fiction or fan art devoted to it. (At least I couldn't find any online presence).

The epic provides such a rich background, a wonderful fantasy-like world and myriad characters and events that will put Tolkien to shame. Still while fan fiction abounds for LOTR, Mahabharata is shrouded in clouds of neglect. I think it's time to change this (maybe Banker of Prince of Ayodhya will come out soon with a "retelling" but that's not exactly fan fiction).

I request people reading this to get more people intrested in this and send in pieces of original fiction, art, poetry - anything revolving round characters from the Mahabharata. Links to resources are also appreciated.

Please feel free to comment voice your opinions by adding comments.

Write in your ideas/stories as comments or mail them to vibeindia@yahoo.com. Readers will choose the best one which will be featured as a fiction (serial/short).

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